Kalakriti – Bringing Inlay Art from Taj Mahal to your Homes

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Preserving one’s history and heritage is one mammoth task. Kalakriti Agra has not only been doing it for many decades but has been the flag bearer of the history and heritage Taj Mahal itself is associated with. In the heart of the city of Agra, resides Kalakriti, which is as synonymous with Agra as the Taj Mahal itself. Taking pride in our history and heritage, the handicrafts and artifacts, Kalakriti is an extension of Agra’s cultural personality. When visiting the heritage city of Agra, Kalakriti is the stop you must make if you want to take a piece of the celebrated heritage of the Indian art with you.

The Mughals were full of creativity, romance and love of all things indulgent. It’s seen in every architecture they’ve built, styles of clothes and jewellery we know of from the era. Mughal architecture has a special significance in India’s rich history. The Taj Mahal is a part of this heritage. Kalakriti is your one-stop-shop if you want to take a piece of the heritage of the Taj Mahal into your homes. Ornamental floral patterns carved in marble, embroidered on textiles and carpets, sandalwood artifacts and other knick-knacks are reminiscent of the glory of the Mughal times that the Taj is synonymous with. You can browse through our full range of offerings here.

Of the many stories around the monument of love, most popular is the one about the  lengths at which Emperor Shah Jahan went to, to ensure his beautiful creation couldn’t be replicated. The marble inlay work is unique, and the scaled versions of the Taj that you get at Kalakriti made with similar Makrana marble are bedecked by the use of the same special art form that makes it a piece you’d cherish forever. The intricacy of marble inlay work that speaks of supreme craftsmanship – is one that stays with you even years after you’ve visited the historic monument.

An inlay artifact similar to the workmanship of the real Taj Mahal in your living room makes for a magnificent masterpiece. An extension of the glory of the Taj itself, the handmade artifacts leave you gasping for words to describe its beauty… like the effect, the Taj itself has on you.

From marble inlay; to brass and wood work; to carpets and the best of Indian textiles and handicrafts – it’s all there for you just a click away. Check out the array of products that are a reminiscence of the Taj Mahal here.