CSR Initiatives

For decades, Kalakriti has been actively doing its bit to save the dying age-old inlay art. Our craftsmen are descendants of the ones who were the masters of the art of inlay work and sculpting back in the Mughal times. The families have guarded their art and kept it within the family, passing on the skills only to the male members. We, in turn, have provided them with the opportunity to display their skills, get a fair price for their work and keep this dying art alive.

Over the last few decades, Kalakriti’s work has been bought by the rich and famous of the world. Connoisseurs of good taste across the globe have appreciated the master craftsmanship that goes into making Kalakriti’s work into pieces of art.

Contributing its fair bit to Indian trade, producing local and supporting local craftsmen is done on an extensive level, keeping the Make in India motto at its core.