Marble Inlay Art

The art of inlay work played an important role in not only shaping but also in unveiling the structures erected by the Mughals in India. This is evident in its most dominant form in the monument of love, the incomparable Taj Mahal. Fine pieces of semi­ precious stone embedded on marble surface, a technique known as pietra dura,have beautified the Taj Mahal. The decorative value that they have added to the mammoth structure is bridal make-up.Inlay work, particularly on marble,where it takes the name of pietra dura generated a lot of debates as far as its origin is concerned.Many believe it to be typically Italian in origin but some contend it to of lndain origin but the accomplished Indian craftsman adapted it to their needs,gave it an indigenous touch and used the technique to carve out traditional Indian motifs that are today the crown of Indian art available only in Agra.

Semi-Precious Stones

Black Onyx

Jet Black




Bright Red


Opaque Yellow & Reddish Brown

Lapis Lazuli

Dark Blue


Dark Green with sedimentary lines


Milky Blue or Sea Green

Tiger Eye

Coffee Brown with Golden lines

Mother of Pearl

White shining

Paua Shell &

Abalone Shell

Inlay Art Process – The making of Gajraj

Steps involved in Marble Inlay Art

Step 1

Bringing to you the skilled process of creating hand-crafted art.

Step 2

Magical transformation from rough gemstones to a piece of art.

Step 3

Sketching is part of the craftsmen’s creativity.

Step 4

Beautiful hand-drawn motifs will soon be decorated with finely chiseled semi-precious stones

Step 5

Craftsman’s companion, the hand-operated pulley softens the edges of the cut stones to fit the designed pattern.

Step 6

The natural deep brown shade of the geru makes the sketch prominent.

Step 7

The artisan skillfully carves the surface of the makrana marble to create a cavity for the stones.

Step 8

Patterns get carved and semi-precious stones fill in gloriously.

Step 9

The mirror is back into the craftsman’s ecosystem while stone-setting.

Step 10

The geru is wiped clean to unravel the raw beauty of the masterpiece

Step 11

The polishing of the marble takes away any residue of the geru and adds a radiating shine to this magnum opus.

Step 12

The craftsman gives the artifact finishing touches and admires his handiwork before it ready to roll.

Step 13

It’s amazing how a piece of stone is given such a beautiful form, carved with so much love and is now ready to adorn your home.